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Wir sind Anwender der Tarifverträge.  



Our many years of experience in Testing & Safety enables us to offer you competent and solution-oriented support for your development. Our team of highly qualified specialists will accompany you throughout the entire process of product development.

We create test plans and coordinate the on-site component procurement & Prüfkapazitätsplanung.

We take care of your complete test coverage, evaluate them and stand by your side to determine the next steps and actions.


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We support you in the following points:

• Project coordination
OEM & customer Voters
• Planning and procurement of test racks and benches
• Coordination and supervision of the experimental facilities
coordination and setting of testing and testing procedures
Experimental procedure (Prüfgestelle, bodies od. Prototype vehicles)
• Analysis and documentation of test results
controlled supply and monitoring of improvement measures






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